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The Medication Aide is responsible for the management and administration of all resident medications and treatments and for performing resident care and services as outlined in each resident’s Care Plan and as assigned by management.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must have a strong grasp of basic patient care.
  • Are responsible for observing and reporting any change in their patients’ condition.
  • Understand the scope and limitations of responsible medication management.
  • Understand and follow the Six Rights of Medication Administration.
  • Organize the administering of medications to one or more residents so that all residents receive their correct medicines in a timely manner.
  • Administer medications correctly by the appropriate route.
  • Administer time sensitive medications such as eye drops and inhalers.
  • Administer all medications according to physician’s orders.
  • Manage PRN medications and document their use.
  • Manage narcotics including storage and record keeping.
  • Be able to identify medication terminology and abbreviations.
  • Maintain accurate, complete, and confidential resident medication and care records according to established procedure.
  • Document regularly in each resident’s progress notes.
  • Order medications from, and communicate with, each pharmacy used.
  • Schedule doctor appointments.
  • Arrange transportation to doctor’s appointments.
  • Manage blood sugar tests and insulin for those residents with diabetes.
  • Manage oxygen tanks for those residents on oxygen.
  • Assist with Care Plans at thirty days from move in, ninety days from move in, and then every ninety days, or as needed, due to change in condition.
  • Perform and record vital signs as ordered by physician, and quarterly.
  • Monitor residents’ weight, as ordered by physician, and quarterly.
  • Notify management of increase or decrease of services needed.
  • Keep the Med Station and Med Room clean and medications secure.
  • Communicate with residents, staff, family members, doctors and others concerning resident care and services, doctor’s appointments, and needed ancillary services.
  • Communicate with the Nurse about resident concerns such as unusual behaviors, changes in physical, emotional, or mental status, etc.
  • Report any maintenance concerns to the Maintenance Department such as leaky faucets, pet damage, continuous odors, burned out light bulbs, shower heads that don’t work, carpet stains, etc.
  • Must be able to communicate in a professional manner both in writing and verbally.
  • Learn how to perform all duties of a Caregiver.  Assist with care giving, as needed.
  • Be responsible for communicating with the Med Tech’s and Caregiver on the shift before and after yours.
  • Answer phones and respond to questions, as needed.
  • Represents Harvest Homes in a professional manner.
  • When not actively dispensing medications or preparing medications for the next set of rounds, med-techs help the caregivers with hands on nursing care, such as bathing and feeding patients, helping them with toilet visits and basic hygiene.
  • All other job-related duties, or as assigned.
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